Health Care Team Training Network (West Midlands)
  • 'The NHS and all who work for it must adopt and demonstrate a shared culture in which the patient is the priority in everything done’ Robert Francis QC 2013

  • 'the training of health care providers as teams constitutes a pragmatic, effective strategy for enhancing patient safety'. Medical Teamwork and Patient Safety, AHRQ 2005

  • 'Leadership... is most successful wherever there is a shared responsibility for the success of the organisation, services or care being delivered'. NHS leadership framework 2013

  • 'Awareness of human factors can enhance teamwork and improve communication between healthcare staff'. Patient Safety First 'How To Guide' 2010

  • 'If team members understand and value the contribution of their colleagues in the team, this enables them to make better use of each other's skill, knowledge and expertise.'  HDA 2007

Welcome to teamwork matters

Effective teamwork is essential for high quality care, as highlighted by recent high profile cases in which failures of teamwork have compromised patient safety.

Teamwork Matters aims to enhance the quality of teamwork education and training by providing information and resources that will help pre-registration students learn to work effectively in multi-professional teams and clinical educators provide high quality teamwork training for their students.

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